Customer Experience

Improving Customer Experience with Your Phone System

A customer’s experience with your business is not just about how quickly the phone was answered, but how effectively you handled the call. The right Unified Communications solution can help your business handle every call with outstanding customer service. With time at a premium, make sure your callers feel like their time is being honored and their call is being routed appropriately. Put information at your agents’ fingertips, so they never have to ask repetitive questions that already live in your database. Eliminate hold times, call queues and put phone system technology to work to make your business stand out in the crowd. Every call represents your brand – what does your phone system say about your business?

Call reports and real-time activity alerts helps you monitor and improve

It is not uncommon for businesses to operate with very little insight into what’s going on with their office communications, other than anecdotal evidence and vague reports of customers waiting on hold too long. A phone system like Switchvox can provide on-demand custom reports that show you how your business is handling its call volume. To improve the customer experience for your callers, you need to know who on your sales team has been on the phone the most this week and how many calls you have in the queue. You might benefit from granular data about individual calls too. So, the next time a customer tells you he waited on hold for 10 minutes to speak to a customer service rep, you could use your phone system reports to verify it and track down why, when and how it happened, so you can prevent it the next time around.

Having real-time visibility to your call activity means you can keep your fingers on the pulse of what’s happening in your organization, so you can make adjustments that help you, your employees and your customers continually improve customer experience with every call.